Datasat launches QuadraEdge Intelligent Subscriber Module

Datasat Technologies, the inteillgent wireless networking specialists, today announced the launch of its QuadraEdge ISM (Intelligent Subscriber Module). Unlike standard wireless Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) solutions, the QuadraEdge ISM places networking, firewall and QoS at the network edge through its advanced Layer 3 network architecture support.

Friday 16th May 14

QuadraEdge Intelligent Subscriber Module is a fully outdoor mounted wireless unit, which is used to communicate with existing QuadraFlex wireless intelligent outdoor routers. Providing the flexibility of dual band 2.4GHz or 5GHz operations, the QuadraFlex ISM features Layer3 architecture and advanced QoS algorithm to ensure maximum reach of video, voice and data traffic. It features a unique dual band dual polarised antenna which provides 2.4GHz and 5GHz support for a wide range of MIMO and 802.11a/b/g/n applications.

"The QuadraFlex ISM continues Datasat's innovative approach to bring intelligence to the network edge. Utilising the Layer 3 architecture allows us to deliver wireless networks that provide enhanced coverage and performance with less equipment. It allows organisations to prioritise usage over a multi-service wireless network down to an individual service level. The QuadraEdge ISM places intelligence where it’s really needed – at the customer premises," said Ciaran Doran, CEO of Datasat Technologies.

About The Datasat QuadraFlex Range
The Datasat QuadraEdge ISM complements the QuadraFlex Range, which is a series of intelligent, MIL-STD, full outdoor carrier grade wireless communications system. These solutions provide flexible access and backhaul capabilities for point to point and point to multi-point applications. The QuadraFlex range also features wireless routers in two radio interface (QuadraFlex DN100) and four radio interface (QuadraFlex DN200) models. These wireless communication systems deliver up to 300Mbps per radio with intelligent traffic and network management, enabling a resilient and reliable solution.

Find out more information about the QuadraEdge ISM here.

About Datasat Technologies
Datasat Technologies delivers wireless products specifically designed to support the latest developments in wireless technology that helps customers maximise their investment in wireless communications networks for the world’s harshest environments. Working with public and private organisations across the globe to deliver secure and reliable networks for the new generation of bandwidth-hungry, rich media applications, Datasat’s products include the QuadraFlex range of layer 2 and layer 3 wireless routers and the QuadraStorm range of CCTV recording and management solutions.