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Infrastructure-as-a-Service is way forward for wireless networks

Thursday 12th July 2012

Datasat Technologies, the UK-based wireless networking specialists, today launched a new service delivery model for wireless networking. The company is offering its customers the ability to benefit from Cloud-based services that would see their wireless networks provided through Infrastructure-as-a-Service. The new service delivers a dramatic reduction of capital expenditure while offering greater operational control to Datasat customers.

“The global economy is challenging for every company. The major capital investment involved in large communications projects can act as a barrier for organisations to get the networks their business requires. For example, telecom providers and mobile operators looking to quickly build out capacity in their data offload solutions. By offering an IaaS delivery model, we reduce the cost and risk of these essential projects while delivering greater operational control of network performance and on-going running costs,” said James Taylor, CEO of Datasat Technologies.

The Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution from Datasat Technologies delivers:
About Datasat Technologies

Datasat Technologies was formed in 2009 to deliver an evolution in wireless technologies specifically designed to support the latest developments in video, voice and data communications. Since then, the company has developed a range of network provision services to help customers maximise their investment in wireless and hybrid communications networks. It currently works with public and private organisations across the globe to deliver secure and reliable networks for the new generation of bandwidth-hungry, rich media applications. 

About the Datasat Group

The Datasat Group Comprising three companies – Datasat Digital Entertainment, Datasat Communications and Datasat Technologies. The Group develops a broad range of solutions designed to enhance the communications capabilities of individuals and organisations.

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