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Datasat has teamed with the Porton Group and Seecrypt to deliver a wireless network for select visitors during the Dubai Airshow 2013. We will be providing secure access for Seecrypt voice calls as well as offering Internet access for logged on users.

Dubai Airshow is one of the most prestigious events in the airline industry calendar. Datasat is pleased to announce that we will be offering wireless access for invited visitors during the show for the 17th to 21st November 2013..

Datasat has teamed with partners, Seecrypt and the Porton Group, to demonstrate the ability to make secure mobile calls over a wireless network. The service will be available to all Seecrypt customers by visiting the Datasat room to receive their account details. In addition, other visitors can experience the voice and data roaming capabilities of the Datasat network by obtaining account details.

The network has both public and secure elements. It will provide open access to the Datasat and Porton Group websites as well as iTunes and Google Play during the show. The secure element gives access to Seecrypt voice calls and full Internet access using the Datasat hotspots.

If you'd like to experience the Datasat wireless network during the show or would like to speak to Datasat about our range of intelligent wireless network solutions for airports, please complete the short form below.

About Seecrypt

Seecrypt protects private business conversations. The company provides a software-only privacy communications app and service which allows users to make and receive unlimited, secure voice calls and text messages between Seecrypt enabled devices - anywhere in the world. Its technology is designed to protect corporate communications and intellectual properties from the wave of daily global intercepts and cyber attacks.

Find out more at the Seecrypt website

About the Porton Group

Porton Group delivers leading-edge technology from concept to commercialisation. We facilitate the life cycle of an idea from design and development to manufacture and market penetration. Its projects to date have improved the lives of people the world over in the fields of healthcare, food safety, renewable energy, sportswear, security, counterfeiting and information technology.

Find out more at the Porton Group website

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